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midibenni MISC:

I play on Xbox One S and Xbox One X but not on my PC-Producer Rig. Also I use Elgato Games Capture 60HZ, BlueYeti Microphone & ADAM HALL Mic Stands, a ZOOM GV8 Cam, Alesis DMX 10 Meshkit electronic Drums and Korg Wave Drums2. + SAMSUNG Curved HDR 4K TV.


 PC-Producer Rig

I use a ASUS Maximum Extreme Motherboard

I use Thermaltake GT Level 10 Rig

I use 12 Terrabyte Harddisc Space

I use 250GB for path "C:" a SAMSUNG SSD

I use a intel i7 CPU 3,8 GHZ ° sometimes overclocking 4,1 (* 8 Cores or Threads)

I use Noctua Fans

Actually i use a GTX970 Grafix - Card (Manufactor KFA2)

I use G.SKILL "Ripjaws X" special Cooling skin 16GB Memory

I use Win10-Pro 64Bit

 I use the HP ZR24w (16/10) Monitor for Photoshop Production

I use the Acer Predator X34A QHD Curved (21/9) Monitor for Video Production and allday

Creative T6 Series II & Bluetooth as PC Soundsystem

I use LucidSound LS30 Headphone

I use a RAPTOR GAMES Mouse Hard-Pad

I use a Microsoft Mouse

I use Logitech K360 Keyboard



 HiFi System

I use a Yamaha A-S501 Stereo-Vollverstärker inkl. D/A-Wandler silber

I use a Yamaha CD-S 300 Si CD-Player silber

I use NUMAN Retrospective 1978 MKII • Regallautsprecher

I use NUMAN RetroSub Aktiv Subwoofer

I use LucidSound LS30 Wireless Stereo Headphones



- PC-Rack

- Headphones

- Console

- Alesis DMX 10 Mesh

- Korg Wave Drum II

- Tama Cobra

- Pads



Useful Software Tipps:


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